Neo-Geo Keitai – SNK to release a new Neo Geo Portable !

2012-01-25 // video games tech

The Japanese video game brand SNK has announced the upcoming release of a new Neo Geo Portable gaming system! The device named “Neo-Geo Keitai” or “Neo-Geo Portable” is barely larger than an iPhone and has a 2 GB internal memory and an SD card reader. There will be many Neo Geo games already installed on the device. One wonders only if new games will see the day or if the console is designed only to satisfy the fans of retro-gaming, like a ompletely legal version of devices like the Dingoo A-320

The games already installed: World Heroes, Ultimate 11, Top Player’s Golf, Sengoku, Nam-1975, Mutation Nation, Last Resort, King of Monsters, Frenzy, Cyber-Lip, Fatal Furty Special, The Art of Fighting, Super Sidekicks, League Bowling, Metal Slug, Magical Lord, Baseball Stars Professional, Samurai Shodown, The King of Fighters ’94, and Fatal Fury.

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