Sport and Guilt – This plant will die if you don’t exercise enough

2017-08-30 // design featured popular tech

Here is Phabit, a weird concept of connected object, which will let a plant die if you don’t exercise enough. Connected to your smartphone and social networks, the Phabit will analyze your behavior, and will stop lighting and watering the plant if you do not fulfill your goals: exercise, eat better, sleep better, and so on. Your behavior will therefore have an immediate impact on a living being. Simply frightening. Welcome to the world of data-guilt!

The Phabit is for the moment only a concept created by designer Jen-Hsien Chiu, but it illustrates perfectly this idea of data-guilt, next step of manipulation operated on us by the predictive algorithms and the industries of the BehaveTech, or behavior technologies. To better understand this issue, I invite you to read the excellent article Welcome to the world of data-guilt and BehaveTech (in French) by Olivier Ertzscheid.

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