RISK Internet Edition – Conquering the web!

Here is “RISK Internet Edition” ! A concept of an alternative game board about the web world for RISK, the famous strategy game. Conquer the Internet and invade social networks like Facebook or Twitter, browsers, emerging sites like Behance or Pinterest and old classics like Flickr, Myspace or DeviantArt. The game is played in a conventional manner with the same rules and the same pieces. A small unpretentious delirium following a RISK night with friends ;)

You can now buy the poster to play at home ! : RISK Internet Edition

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  • Fjiaojfa

    where is youporn? 

  • http://twitter.com/Awesome_Raver Saladdin FTW’

    4Chan représente l’atlantide alors?

  • David

    WordPress not Worpress. And am I the only one that was hoping it was an actual flash game?

  • ufunk

    It will be for the “Adult Edition” ;)

  • ufunk

     Sorry about that ! I just corrected the map ! Thank you for seen that !

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  • James

     The image (-MINI) on this page is still wrong.

  • Phobos

    Where’s the link for the HD version?

  • ufunk

    I send it to you via email ;)

  • Katmandoo

    Can you send me a copy too?

  • Daniel

    Can you also send me a copy?