Beauty in the Ordinary

2017-10-10 // guest guest popular

Maud explores the infinitude of everyday life, and we can find a narrative throughout her work. Her stories are revealed to us as she captures a moment in time, such as the shadows of glasses in a bar. She considers and sees the beauty of her surroundings and is moved by the smallest of details, like a loved one’s ankles crossed under the table at breakfast. In Road Going up to Streatham we see two Vespas parked side by side, and can imagine them in conversation like two Italian friends.

Maud’s drawings show us the wholesomeness of a moment and share the richness of life we so often miss. She focuses our attention on the present and encourages us to appreciate life, to see and enjoy our immediate environment and find the wonder in the tiniest of details. The drawings connect us to our daily life. Maud’s fine pen marks re-create on paper her observations, as if she sees every particle in her universe whilst simultaneously she invites us to see the beauty in the ordinary and mundane.

More info: Maud Goulas / Facebook / Instagram

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