Human Nature – This amazing installation turns the human being into trees

Human Nature is an amazing Land Art installation imagined by the French artist Monsieur Plant. This series of five creations represents the surreal evolution of the human being into trees, absorbed by a nature that has regained its rights. Nature and human merge and become one.

The installation Human Nature is composed of 5 stagings, inspired by what nature offers us: serenity, by its calm and quiet state, the path that leads us on the right path, patience, because it teaches us to wait with calm like a cycle, creation with its power of regeneration, and finally contemplation and its meditative state.

This surprising and poetic installation was presented during the opening of the project THE CAMP, next to Aix-en-Provence, and I invite you to discover also the previous creations of Monsieur Plant. (photos by Florian Galène)

More info: Monsieur Plant / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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