Micromegalic Inscriptions – Rococo engravings rethought by Matteo Mauro

2017-08-25 // guest

Matteo Mauro is a progressive artist who mixes his knowledge of technology and history of art to create spectacular images to rejuvenate forgotten aesthetics. One of his series, Micromegalic Inscriptions, his composed by computational paintings that are rooted in the history of Rococo ornamentation. The artist’s intent is to revive accomplished concepts of ornamentation, evolving them in to new aesthetics. Matteo’s research begin with a microscopic observation of the source image, to understand its meaning and fabrication techniques. Then, this is computed and reinterpreted. In fact, these digital creations do not just reinterpret the mechanical processes of engraving of the image content, but being reproducible infinite times and anywhere, exemplify the evolution of mass production practices and the inevitable symbiosis between the man and the machine.

In these unprecedented artworks, morphogenic spontaneity and mathematical constraints are processed by a software, to create new metaphors to enrich traditional paradigms. A controlled accumulation of virtual data suddenly gives birth to dynamic artworks in which there is a factor of novelty, nevertheless because they hold Rococo’s metamorphic dynamism, rules of curvature, and traditional techniques of inscription, abstraction still refers to the point of departure.

More info: Matteo Mauro / Instagram

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