The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings

2018-01-10 // guest guest popular

Artist and Illustrator, Johanna Goodman‘s collage series entitled The Catalogue of Imaginary Beings is an ongoing series of work begun in 2015 that sprung from over twenty years of portraiture and collage work. Now at almost 300 plates the body of work seeks to explore a range of themes in popular culture including the role of the individual in fashion, in history, in the artistic imagination and more broadly, the collective consciousness.

The body of work draws its inspiration from a wide spectrum of sources including Magical Realism, Surrealism, and Symbolism. And more specifically references such cultural artifacts as talismans, idols, totems and all of the material detritus that surrounds all of us all the time. These characters are composites embodying notions of “the warrior”, vulnerability, industry, the universal and the personal. They reference these identities as they’ve been depicted historically through art, literature, and commerce.

Both visually riveting and psychologically evocative, these images that exist somewhere between portraiture and iconography have resonated with a host of different entities such as magazines, galleries, and others including The Smithsonian, The Metropolitan Transit Authority of New York, Habitat Skateboards and West Elm.

More info: Johanna Goodman / Facebook / Instagram

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