Design-Generation – When videographers create WTF short films

Design-Generation is a collective of Polish filmmakers who make strange and disturbing short films… The meeting of art and WTF ;) Here is a small selection of their work… I’m clearly a big fan !

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  • TheAmante

    Il y en a des vraiment étrange , le meilleur est celui avec le couple dans la foret ( la premiere video ) ^^

  • Elmanza13

    Listen with headphones. There are some interesting binaural audio bits.

  • Shaox

    tellement chelou ! exactement ce que j’aime quoi :D

  • Timtim

    wow I am a photographer and this ….Sucks ballz. By learning photographic history and how far both the photographic and video graphic industry’s have had to come to be acknowledged as art forms it saddens me to see this work held in any light other than childish. Not only are the short films badly thought thru but the wasted potential of the films fall so short to make one wish for more ways to dislike. As an artist that uses the shortcut medium of photography I still value the work of traditional artists and the video of human deer wanted me to throw my computer in rage that it was able to bring any recognition of my favorite artist Salvador Dali who used the framework of the phallus for much of his art work. This group of work is only notable for its use of shock value. Any kudos other wise given are imparted by those of low artistic standards chasing after the SHINY things that have enough skill to keep things in focus. I would like to see a remake of the deer video to use some other means than a fing hot dog in a pastry I understand the changing of animal into food and how said annals could have coupled to reproduced yet were ingested by the hunter but a hot dog and pastry really. you can do better, out of my years in college where we had critiques every week I have never seen such a promising piece of work fall so flat and I went to a community college in a small city hell it was even a satellite college of a bigger college. Do better you seem to have it in you but are not following thru.

  • Anna Eisbar

    I am into art too and i liked this. Are you a happy person otherwise ? :-)