Kings of Cocaine – part 2 – Meeting the young hitmen of the Peruvian cartels

2015-10-19 // videos

Here is the second part of Kings of Cocaine, the documentary produced by VICE that looks at the legacy of Pablo Escobar in the world of drug and modern cartels. This new episode is devoted to the culture of Sicarios, the hired killers of the Peruvian cartels, and the inevitable human violence driven by the cocaine business, from the strategy initiated by Pablo Escobar in the 80s to the rise of drug dealing in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.

Elmo Molina, a former hitman for Pablo Escobar, tells us how the young kids from the slums become easy preys for the drug lords, and are willing to kill for prices as ridiculous as $90. Because he lived the same story, this repented hired killer is now trying to help these young people avoiding the violent world of cartels. Between easy money for murders and daily fights between gangs of traffickers, this new episode takes us into the infernal world of Narcos and Sicarios. I also recommend you the Narcos series, inspired by the life of Pablo Escobar, available on Netflix.











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