Skijoring – Discover the great frozen landscapes of Patagonia with Franco Moro

2016-01-07 // videos

[Sponsor] The director and photographer Marcus Söderlund had the opportunity to film Franco Moro, one of the experts of Skijoring, this sport where a person on skis is pulled by a horse. Born as a method of winter travel more than 2500 years before Jesus Christ, the Skijoring was born again as a competitive sport in 1928. Franco Moro, 55-year-old and winner of the world championship more than 16 times, leads us to discover some fascinating landscapes, pulled at full speed through the great frozen wilderness of Patagonia.

Marcus Söderlund, whose own mother practiced Skijoring, followed Franco Moro in his quest for adrenaline, choosing today Argentina to train for the next world championships. Followed by Canon teams and pulled on skis behind his horse at more than 50 km/h, this passionate of extreme sensations and speed reveals a demanding and intense sport, but that unveils an inspiring way to experience the coldest time of the year.

A stunning video directed for Canon, which also invites adventurers and photographers among you to share your unusual and extraordinary winter experiences with #canonwinter. You can also try the Skijoring by yourself, since many resorts now offer this sport. There is even a hard-fought France championship, bearing witness to the rebirth of this equestrian sport in France.










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