Pulp Fiction Dolls – Des figurines parlantes avec les punchlines non censurées du film

Avec ses Pulp Fiction Explicit Talking Figures, le fabriquant de jouets Beeline Creative a décidé de rendre hommage au film culte de Quentin Tarantino en créant des figurines parlantes avec les punchlines non censurées du film. Une collection composée de quatre figurines incluant Jules Winnfield, Vincent Vega, Jimmie Dimmick et Butch, et chaque figurine peut prononcer 12 répliques cultes du film (quelques exemples en fin d’article). Ces figurines Pulp Fiction sont disponibles sur Amazon au prix de 50$.









  1. « All right. Well, you can walk into a movie theater in Amsterdam and buy a beer. And I don’t mean just like in no paper cup, I’m talking about a glass of beer. And in Paris, you can buy a beer at McDonald’s. And you know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris? »
  2. « Nah, man, they got the metric system. They wouldn’t know what the fuck a Quarter Pounder is. »
  3. « They call it a ‘Royale with cheese’. »
  4. « Play with matches, you get burned. »
  5. « I ain’t saying it’s right, but you’re saying a foot massage don’t mean nothin’ and I’m saying it does. Now look, I’ve given a million ladies a million foot massages and they all meant something. Now we act like they don’t but they do, that’s what’s so fuckin’ cool about it. There’s a sensuous thing going on, where even if you don’t talk about it, you know, she knows it. Fuckin’ Marcelus knew it and Antwone should have fuckin’ known better. »
  6. « Chill Jules, this shit happens. »
  7. « Do you wanna continue this theological discussion in the car, or in the jailhouse with the cops? »
  8. « Alright, it was a miracle, can we go now? »
  9. « Aw man! I shot Marvin in the face! »
  10. « Chill out, man! I told you it was an accident! You probably went over a bump. »
  11. « I was washing ’em. But this shit’s hard to get off. Maybe if you had Lava, I coulda done a better job. »
  12. « I got a threshold, Jules. I got a threshold for the abuse that I will take. Now, right now, I’m a fuckin’ race car, right, and you got me in the red. And I’m just sayin’, I’m just sayin’ that it’s fuckin’ dangerous to have a race car in the fuckin’ red. That’s all. I could blow. »
Images © Beeline Creative (Amazon)source

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