Your Scene Sucks – Sachez reconnaitre les styles vestimentaires

04/03/2012 // humour Illustration

« Your Scene Sucks« , une jolie série d’illustrations qui vous permettra de ne plus vous tromper, et de savoir reconnaitre les styles vestimentaires, entre les hipsters, les punks, les emos, les indies, les post-rockers, les nerds, les hardcore-geeks et les autres. Les « Your Scene Sucks » sont réalisés par Rob Dobi, qui vient de les publier sous forme de livre.


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  • Looshk

     You go dude! <3

  • Alysonvaccacio

    amen to that sistaa

  • Alysonvaccacio

    agreed. u are all making this like its a thing against gays. i love gay people straight people bi-sexual people but i just don’t find men wearing v necks attractive because i am a straight female. i see why a gay guy would find another man in a v neck sexy and there’s nothing wrong with that. any one can wear whatever they want. hell i go outside in a leotard sometimes. but there’s certain things about a guy appearing feminine that is not attractive to a straight woman.

  • Alysonvaccacio

    those are the best i know 2 ! both have fire red hair with short bob cuts!

  • Lyrason

    Here in my lovely city of Portland Oregon, we rock them all! Mostly Indie Jesus, but with socks.

  • Halla

    There should more of these done, but for the materialistic douchebaggery that i so often see. Typical american eagle girl, or cliche banana republic guy. 

    I’m actually kidding. Making fun of people is a low point in humour.

  • violetdoll2171

    haha, crust punk is hilarious, i know people just like that

  • Tsudo Pnem

    I like the Williamsburg Hipster look, minus some beads, the size of the belt, and the heels and legwarmers. Maybe her older sister’s look?

  • Kc Tuckerman

    The emo girl is only sad cause shes not emo but a lez….just saying

  • LaurenLever

    haha, when I dress up (and it is far and few between these days) I think I have incorporated a little bit of the screamolester and cybergoth… um, aka: raver!! oh what fun

  • huhwhat

    indie jesus was awesome, but where is the goth?

  • Dan

    so many people start coming to mind haha

  • AlyssaAA

    Lol I love this, I know quite a few people that look like a lot of these. lol I even know someone who looks a lot like the Indie Jesus. 

  • Youhavenotalent

    making illustrations like this has far been over done. this isn’t event funny anymore. that ship sailed awhile ago idiot. 

  • Broslilprince

    who does that steampunk one LOLOL

  • Ana Grace Fangayen

    Accuracy- off.

  • XincontriAdulti.It

    Beautiful.Thank you!

  • fashionil3ttir8

    why not just remember the purpose of clothes? stay warm and dry. this is all funny though

  • Sein Maestro

    the fact that I don’t fit any of these is awesome.

  • Trevor Gowe

    I used to be Indie Jesus.