Une Boucherie de Viande Humaine à Londres ?

Une boucherie de viande humaine à Londres ? Rassurez vous l’Angleterre n’a pas légalisé le cannibalisme. Cet étrange et dérangeante boucherie de viande humaine a été installée par Capcom dans le Smithfield’s Meat Market pour la promotion du jeu de zombie Resident Evil 6. Ces « sculptures » en viandes ont été réalisées en collaboration avec l’artiste culinaire Sharon Baker.

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  • ryuma

    c’est gore ;-)

  • Vika Annefors

    The same is done with millions of animals daily. There is NO difference.

  • V Betty Sceptikal

    wonderful. i hope people start becoming food ASAP. There are TOO many humans on the planet. a mere trillion non human creatures are bred and murdered yearly. Enough is enough. The flesh tastes the same.

  • Anly Pang

    Hmmm what a good idea. Maybe we can start with you first?? Wonder how you taste like(:

  • JLSB

    I saw a plate of PENIS :D now you can have DICK 24/7


  • Jason Silva

    We should start off with gang members and people on death row.

  • Anonymoose

    How do you know the flesh tastes the same? Have you cooked some up and tried it?

  • Liliane Lyons

    I always thaw that the british race was barbaric they are weird they have ugly sense of humor they still kiss that queen ass and her son and cont camela who look like a camel so she got the perfect name definitely they strange