National Geographic Found – 42 trésors cachés des archives du National Geographic

Explorez les trésors cachés des archives du National Geographic grâce à National Geographic Found, un excellent tumblr qui creuse parmi les milliers de photographies afin d’exhumer les perles rares et oubliées. Plongée fascinante dans le passé avec une petite sélection…

Dummy pilot and seat soar, as engineers test a catapult escape system in Arizona, March 1963. – PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT SISSON, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Traffic lights are made in Shreveport, Louisiana, and sent around the U.S. and abroad, December 1947. – PHOTOGRAPH BY J. BAYLOR ROBERTS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
A Civil Air Patrol rescue team aids a pilot whose plane was downed outside of Long Island, May 1956. – PHOTOGRAPH BY JACK FLETCHER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
A man and his dog on the Overhanging Rock in Yosemite National Park, May 1924. – PHOTOGRAPH BY EDUCATIONAL-BRUCE PHOTOGRAPH
Seven siblings sit on a wooden fence in Quebec, Canada, May 1939. – PHOTOGRAPH BY HOWELL WALKER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Wedged in a crevasse, Tylor Kittredge drills holes for marker pegs in an Alaskan glacier, February 1967. – PHOTOGRAPH BY CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
A welder works on cowls for liberty ships in California, 1942. – PHOTOGRAPH BY ACME NEWS PICTURES, INC.
Skiers relax by a fire at a Stowe dormitory in Vermont, August 1967. – PHOTOGRAPH BY B. ANTHONY STEWART, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
A farmer buring the hoof of a horse before shoeing it in Scotland, May 1921. – PHOTOGRAPH BY WILLIAM REID, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Two girls sit in front of an apple display in the shape of a turkey in West Virginia, 1939. – PHOTOGRAPH BY B. ANTHONY STEWART, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Overview of rolling, dune-like wheatfields extending into the horizon in Steptoe Butte, Washington, May 1980. – PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT MADDEN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Alan Shepard waits to become the first American in space, Cape Canaveral, 1961. – PHOTOGRAPH BY NASA
A gondola from Sugarbush Resort takes skiers to the top of a peak in Vermont, August 1967. – PHOTOGRAPH BY B. ANTHONY STEWART, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Geysers of sand explode as geologists probe for oil-bearing land in Saudi Arabia, January 1966. – PHOTOGRAPH BY THOMAS J. ABERCROMBIE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Land yacht racers and crew stop at a desert water hole in Mauritania to resupply, November 1967. – PHOTOGRAPH BY JONATHAN BLAIR, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Workers inspect details inside a turbine in Montana, 1952. – PHOTOGRAPH BY U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR
Chinese cyclists ride their bicycles through a square in Chengdu, July 1981. – PHOTOGRAPH BY JODI COBB, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
A rush of water in freshet season collapses Tegucigalpa’s arched bridge in Honduras, August 1916. – PHOTOGRAPH BY F. J. YOUNGBLOOD, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
A man balances a piece of pumice rock on his legs in Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska, September 1921. – PHOTOGRAPH BY LUCIUS G. FOLSOM, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Two young girls enjoy the sun relaxing in their suits and wraps in England, September 1929. – PHOTOGRAPH BY BERNARD WAKEMAN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Children of coal miners play near a fire-prone wooden house in Siberia, September 1988. – PHOTOGRAPH BY STEVE RAYMER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Poor french children in a hospital ward, November 1918. – PHOTOGRAPH BY H. C. ELLIS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
The glitz and glitter of Memphis’ Beale Street radiates energy like no other, February 1997. – PHOTOGRAPH BY WILLIAM ALBERT ALLARD, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Boys play hockey when temperatures sink below freezing in Minnesota, February 1976. – PHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID BOYER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
A dromedary camel and rider in the peach blossom festival in Fort Valley, Georgia, May 1925. – PHOTOGRAPH BY JACOB J. GAYER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Water from the Dez River in Iran is used for irrigating once-parched land, January 1968. – PHOTOGRAPH BY FRANK AND HELEN SCHREIDER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Happy hikers pass in front of Table Mountain in Washington, April 1960. – PHOTOGRAPH BY B. ANTHONY STEWART, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Locals enjoy the view of the Surrey Hills in England, 1928. – PHOTOGRAPH BY CLIFTON R. ADAMS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
A shielded dummy in a basement for atomic bomb testing in Nevada, March 1953. – PHOTOGRAPH BY VOLKMAR WENTZEL, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
A pipe emits poisonous gases in a flame produced by oil production, April 1948. – PHOTOGRAPH BY MAYNARD OWEN WILLIAMS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
A sailor gets a tattoo on his arm in Virginia. – PHOTOGRAPH BY PAUL L. PRYOR, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
During a motorcycle race, speedsters careen into a turn in Sweden, August 1973. – PHOTOGRAPH BY ALBERT MOLDVAY, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Steam pours over the streets of Broadway’s Time Square, November 1987. – PHOTOGRAPH BY JODI COBB, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Bikes park near an arched stone bridge above bathers enjoying the water on Arran Island, Scotland, July 1965. – PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT SISSON, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
A motorboat carries tourists to fishing grounds off Tahiti, July 1962. – PHOTOGRAPH BY LUIS MARDEN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
President and Mrs. Johnson and Vice President Agnew watch Apollo 11 lift off at Cape Canaveral, July 1969. – PHOTOGRAPH BY OTIS IMBODEN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
A woman on a farmer’s shoulder emphasizes a corn crop’s height in Minnesota, 1916. – PHOTOGRAPH BY A. W. THOMPSON, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
The Agawam prepares to launch from the Submarine Boat Corporation dry dock in Newark, New Jersey, September 1918. – PHOTOGRAPH BY M. ROSENFELD, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Alexander Graham Bell and his wife Mabel hold hands at the water’s edge in Nova Scotia in 1898. – BELL COLLECTION
A wealthy group of young people relax by a pool in California, 1940. – PHOTOGRAPH BY J. BAYLOR ROBERTS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
Fireworks erupt in honor of the coronation of Iran’s Shah, March 1968. – PHOTOGRAPH BY WINFIELD PARKS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
People play in and around the water blocked off at Le Havre Beach in Normandy, France, 1936. – PHOTOGRAPH BY W. ROBERT MOORE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

Images © National Geographic / via National Geographic Found

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