The largest mural in the world – 10,800 m2 made by one artist

28/06/2017 // guest guest populaire

Street artist Misha Most just finished a monumental wall painting. This is the largest mural in the world, which belongs to a single artist. The project was curated by Sabina Chagina and the creative association Artmossphere. The mural was presented to the public as part of the urban art festival ArtOvrag in Vyksa, Russia.

The name of the painting is Evolution-2. It covers the facade of the Stan-5000 industrial complex, one of the industrial complex buildings of the oldest Russian manufacturer Vyksa Steel Works, which is part of the United Metallurgical Company in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The mural was created by the artist and five assistants in 35 days, with short interruptions, caused by bad weather. This mural painting project is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the United Metallurgical Company (OMK) and the 260th anniversary of the metallurgical plant in Vyksa.

According to the Artmossphere’s expertise, this artwork is the largest monumental wall painting in the world, which authorship belongs to a single artist. The world knows other major murals, but in terms of the complexity, volume and speed of work, scale and number of participants involved, they are not comparable to the wall created in Vyksa.

The artist develops themes of progress and evolution, which are close to him, overcoming the person’s own capabilities: The main characters of my plot are a scientist, an advanced robotic person and a humanoid android. Integral graphic components are chemical elements, crystal structures and scientific formulas. The painting visualizes the picture of the future society that arises in the researcher’s thinking.

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